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Would You Still Be My Friend If...

"Would You Still Be My Friend If..."

Dubbs is my roommate, which means she puts up with her fair of obnoxious provocation. Watch be test the tenuous bindings that hold our friendship together.
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Jesus Fanatic

"Video Resume"

I will surely be out of a job soon and my old resume ain't gonna cut it. I made this video resume in order to build a more compelling case for my employment.
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Jesus Fanatic

"Jesus Fanatic"

MTV tracks down Jesus' biggest fan and makes his wildest dreams come true. Join him on his journey as he spends an afternoon with God's only begotten son.
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Yahoo! Drive-by

"Yahoo! Drive-by"

Yahoo! Maps and the Internet: never before has it been so easy to track down punk-ass bitches that stepped to you.
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Nazi Shox

"Nazi Shox"

State of the art tennis shoes with a built-in suspension system seem like a good idea. At least that's what Hitler thought.
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