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Sundry Items:

This is slightly embarassing.

The state of this site is too.



























Who runs the site?

Steven Smith does. He lives in an apartment in New York City on the Upper East Side, a neighborhood that realtors have dubbed "Yorkville" Brooklyn, somewhere between Park Slope and Sunset Park. He likes to say “South Slope” because it improves his chances of being in the delivery area of restaurants he likes. He shares the two-bedroom, fourth floor walk-up with two of his former friends who, after only days of living together, decided they'd rather be his mortal enemies Dubbs, whom he met in college and now takes pictures of when she least expects it. Steven spends a great many hours indoors, starting projects and never sometimes finishing them or just napping excessively. When he summons enough courage, he writes, performs stand-up and improvises. Lately though, he has been a bit of a cowardly lion cautious tortoise.

I need a web site. Can you hook that up?

I've got a queue about 3 5 sites deep for others, when it comes to designing sites. And then there's my own. But if it can wait, I'd love to work on a site for you.


I've got a sweet rack and a mind for business. Can I help your cause?

I applaud your vim and vigor. If you'd like to help out with a link or buy something through my link generator, go here. All is appreciated. Oh! And if you do indeed have a sweet rack, send pictures to steven[at] nerdelite[dot]com.

What is 'Nerd Elite'?

Nerd Elite is the latest incarnation of an unprolific, one-man production company. In college, Nerd Elite operated under the moniker Laughingstock Productions and was responsible for "Peg Leg" (a satirical magazine), "The Hook" (a sketch comedy show) and many other delightful endeavors that you've never heard of.

Beyond that, Nerd Elite is a social classification that categorizes those of us that are smart, witty and adept but spent the majority of our formative years studying instead of chasing booze and poontang.

Steven! What's hip on the flip tip?

There's some links below. These are worthy of your time, love and money. Quit your job and start a following. A revolution is well within your means. Check the blog too for more timely linkage (sidebar! sidebar!).

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